Troubleshooting for Upload Media DVDs

Nothing happens when I put my DVD into the computer

Please ensure the DVD has been loaded into your computer’s CD/DVD drive.

1.1. The Autorun function on your computer may be turned off. Follow these instructions to manually start the disc:

  • Click Start > Computer
  • Locate the letter of the CD/DVD drive on which you want to run the disc
  • Right click the drive letter and then select ‘Explore’
  • Locate and double-click the file ‘Runme.exe’


1.2. If you have an Apple Mac computer, note that these DVDs will not work. This is because our DVD protection software is only compatible with Windows PCs.


1.3. You are not connected to the Internet when you first insert the DVD into your CD/ DVD drive. Since the DVD has been encrypted with a single-user licence, you will need an Internet connection so that you can register the licence online. Once the disc is registered, you can view the playlists offline. Note: firewall or antivirus software may block the DVD from registering or running initially. If you are connected to the internet and the DVD still does not run, please deactivate your antivirus software to complete the process.

One of the errors below appears when I put my disc into my computer


2.1 This error occurs because you are trying to load the DVD onto a second computer. Remember that the DVD has a single-user licence, as indicated on the DVD label, the DVD box cover, inside the handbook and on our website. For this reason the DVD should be registered on your most frequently used PC or laptop.


2.2 If you see this error message it is because you are not connected to the Internet when you first use the DVD. Please refer to 1.3 above.


2.3 This error may occur for a couple of reasons: you may not have been registered properly on the website (please do contact us if you think this may be the case); or the video has not been loaded correctly. If this screen displays, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and quote the code of the video you were trying to view and the channel or playlist it came from. Our technical team will look into it as soon as possible, and we will notify you once the problem has been fixed.


2.4 This isn’t an error as such, but if you see this screen and nothing happens after you fill in all the information, then please e-mail us and ask for a replacement disc. These registration screens should have been removed, but it is possible you may have an older version of the disc.

Administrator rights issues (using my DVD at work)

Note: if you do choose to install your Upload Media DVD at work, please make sure this is the computer you use most frequently, and that you will have access to this computer when studying for your exam. Due to the single-user licence, you can only install your DVD on one PC. 

3.1 You may be running protected discs in a restricted environment (e.g. using your DVD at work where access to the Internet may be restricted). Upload Media’s protected DVDs require local administrator rights the first time you run them. Once an Upload Media DVD has successfully run on a computer, any of Upload Media’s protected DVDs will run on that computer – even under restricted accounts.

  • Log in using an account that has local administrator privileges.
  • Make sure you log in to the computer as a local administrator, not a domain administrator or a domain user. A domain administrator is not necessarily also a local administrator.
  • Insert the DVD into the computer and wait for the content to launch. If it doesn’t launch automatically, browse the DVD and manually run the ‘Runme’ or ‘Runme.exe’ file.
  • Restart the computer.
  • You can now log in using any account and use the protected content.

Disc is unreadable or appears to be blank

This is very rare, but it is possible something went wrong when the DVD was burned. If your disc is defective please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a replacement disc. (Please also tell us what subject the DVD was.)